Welcome to Thai Sapa ~ Home of the best Asian & Thai food in Zion National Park, Springdale & Southern Utah!

Thai Sapa offers the best Asian & Thai food and the best restaurant experience to Springdale, Utah & Zion National Park.

The menu includes delicious Asian food from Thailand, Indochina & Japan. 

We are the best restaurant in Springdale, Utah specializing in the best homemade Thai curries, Pad Thai, Springdale rolls, Vietnamese Banh Xeo, Springdale Stir-fry, Sushi Rolls, Miso Soup  & Vegetarian food as well as local desserts.

We also have a children’s menu & Western dishes.



Thai Sapa was born out of Chef Tung’s passion for cooking in her café in Vietnam & her husband Dennis’ love of the town of Sapa. Guests will experience the best of the Sapa tribe, as  the culture’s included in not just the food, but throughout the entire restaurant.



Every dish on the menu is homemade, providing the best natural & delicious Asian cuisine. We use the highest quality ingredients including organic, natural & Non-GMO products whenever possible making Thai Sapa’s food one of a kind.



Thai Sapa is located outside the South entrance to Zion National Park in Springdale, Utah at 198 Zion Park Blvd.  Featuring the best all-natural, delicious & healthy Southeast Asian food. We are open 11am-9:30pm, daily. We would love to serve you!

Thai Sapa Story

  • Thai Sapa best Asian food in Zion, Springdale & southern Utah

    2003 - The Idea

    Thai Sapa was born out of Chef Tung’s passion for cooking in her native home of Vietnam, & her husband Dennis’ love of both the town of Sapa & the world-famous Thai coconut dish, Tom Khaa Gai.  An opportunity opened up upon their arrival to Springdale, Utah & Zion National Park in the winter of 2003 when the owners of the Watchman Cafe, which closed for the evenings, offered them a nightly venue for their Thai Sapa restaurant concept.  The overwhelming success from Thai Sapa’s weekends-only start in March led to being open seven nights a week by October.

    The popularity of Thai Sapa came from the best Asian food inspired from the Sapa tribe & great restaurant service to guests.

  • Thai Sapa Interior Springdale Utah

    2011 - Interior & Exterior Remodel

    In the Spring we were able to bring our Thai Sapa restaurant to its original starting location, the old Watchman Cafe building in Zion. Thai Sapa underwent a complete interior & exterior makeover. The newly updated look accentuates the amazing & unique Asian & Thai food. We made the new & improved Thai Sapa in Springdale, Utah the best restaurant & home for us.

  • Thai Sapa - Springdale Zion Utah

    2015 - Thai Sapa Today

    We believe our approach creates a superior dining experience for the people of Zion National Park & its visitors. Thai Sapa in Springdale, Utah also adheres to healthy business practices in an attempt to minimize our ecological & carbon footprint. We have an aggressive recycling program, including the conversion of our used vegetable oil into biodiesel. Thai Sapa is an environmentally friendly restaurant, has a authentic vibe from its Sapa tribe roots & serves the best Asian food that is one of a kind for Zion & Springdale, Utah.

  • Thai Sapa Zion - Springdale Utah

    2004 - Thai Sapa Opens in Springdale, Utah

    The Watchman building changed hands & Thai Sapa subsequently moved to a location in the Big Screen Theater Complex down the street in Springdale, Utah, where we worked hard to build an excellent reputation for Thai Sapa in Zion National Park with a menu full of the best Asian and Thai food, in spite of the marginal location.

  • Frank and Tung owners Thai Sapa Springdale, Utah Zion

    1999 - The Story Began

    The name ‘Sapa’ represents the hill tribe community that lives at 5,000 ft. in Vietnam 30 miles from the Chinese border in the extreme North of Vietnam. Originally Thai Sapa would open as Franksapas’, a pan-Asian cafe restaurant serving Thai & Asian food within the courtyard of our planned Guest House on the edge of Sapa. However, plans changed leading up to our immigration to America!



The menu

The staff

Tung from Sapa

Tung from Sapa

The Chef

Chef Tung in the original Thai Sapa kitchen, where it all began in Springdale, Utah in 2003.  Her maternal grandfather was a locally-famous noodle cart chef on the streets of Phnom Penh in the 1950-60’s, which helps to explain Tung’s innate interest & talent in cooking the best Asian & Thai food.

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff

Back of House

Our Thai Sapa kitchen staff thrives on providing Springdale, Utah & Zion National Park guests with the best restaurant experience & delicious, nutritious & healthy Asian food. Our full staff is represented by Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, European-American and Mexican heritages & backgrounds.

Front Staff

Front Staff

Front of House

Over the years more than 13 countries have been represented by our Thai Sapa Front of House personnel. With an array of cultures we hope to give Springdale, Utah & Zion National Park the best taste of Asian, Thai, Mexican, Chinese, European-American & many more backgrounds.

Front Staff

Front Staff

Front of House

Our Thai Sapa front staff is dedicated to professionally serving Springdale, Utah & Zion National Park fine Asian food with joy and distinction. We want guests to experience the true tastes of the best Asian & Thai food while getting a memorable meal with the best restaurant serving staff.

We are hiring

Work for one of the best Asian restaurants in Zion! We are looking for a permanent full-time chef. Please contact us at jarastafori@yahoo.com

Thai Sapa is a fusion restaurant, combining the best of Asian cuisine

Homemade, ~ Natural ~ Asian cuisine


198 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT (435) 772-0510

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Thai Sapa ~ Springdale, Utah | Zion National Park

Thai Sapa in Springdale, Utah features not only the best Asian & Thai food in the Zion National Park area, but is the best restaurant to get an amazing dining experience. We are focused on giving our guests a unique experience bringing a look & cuisine from the Sapa tribe in Thailand to Zion. We strive to give each guest the best Asian food & plating along with impeccable service.

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